I’m Tarris Horton, coming to you live from covington, ky!


I have been doing music all my life. I started out in church singing in my youth choir. Growing up I would play any musical instrument I could get my hands on: Casio beat recorders, dual tape decks, drums. I learned to play piano by ear, but never knew that I would jump into the music game. I was 20 when my neighbor told me he was going to start a rap group and wanted me to be their manager. I was like “Cool.” In 1994, I made my first song—"Don't Jock Dem Hoes." Soon after, I made a song for the University of Kentucky during the Comeback Cats era.

Before long, I started my label Country Boy Entertainment Inc. I started signing people in my hometown to demo deals. At one time I had 16 artists signed to my label. It began to be too much, so I had a plan to close down my barber shop and studio and move to Northern Kentucky to pursue my degree in TV/Radio Broadcast Communications.

With Ask Tarris Horton, I’m starting a new grassroots podcast based in Covington, Kentucky. This podcast will answer questions frequently asked about several subjects. From the best places to eat in the area to what’s happening in the tri-state during a particular week. Anyone can submit a question or idea by simply filling out the contact form below.


Much love,